Texting 101– Proper Texting Courtesies of 2018


Though we all have cell phones, most of us find it odd to receive phone calls when we so often turn to texting to be our favorite and most common form of communication.  So much so that we often don’t realize or even think about what may or may not be appropriate to address in a text message. So, the question has to be asked, are there certain things that shouldn’t be texted about ..?  

SimleTexting helped answer this question for us, and came to record some interesting results.  Apparently, when it comes to considering what is and isn’t acceptable to talk about over text depends on what generation you were born in.

These are some of the tallies they took …

Group Chats:

65% Hate

35% Love

Does an apology mean as much through texting or better face-to-face or phone call?

69% No

31% Yes

Texting family to inform that a loved one has passed…

82% No

18% Yes

Would send your Social Security number to a family member over text?

60% No

40% Yes


45% Social Media

24% In Person

16% Phone Call  

12% Text Message


44% Social Media

27% In Person

14% Phone Call

12% Text Message

There was one question, however, that caused a little bit of debate between the generations when it came to answering a question of whether or not it is acceptable to break up over text.  Millennials, believe it or not, recorded the highest for thinking it’s appropriate to to break up over text … just kidding, we all saw that coming!  In fact, 70% voted that this was acceptable, but more so, that they themselves have done it. Gen X was pretty evenly split, whereas the Baby Boomer generation had only 19% that thought it was acceptable arguing that they were taught to be more chivalrous than our generation.  

With the percentage of the Baby Boomers probably being higher than most of us expected can it be concluded that we have become more tolerable in what we believe to be appropriate to address via text ..?  Even in terms of sharing life altering events like an engagement or pregnancy most of the population turns to social media. It’s no secret that cellphones have revolutionized the way we communicate, but is it fair to consider and potentially reevaluate what has been deemed appropriate over text?