Making the Most of SMS Messaging in Business– The Do’s and Don’ts



Texting has forever revolutionized the way we communicate. So much so that 97% of the time we tend to open text messages within 15 minutes of receiving them.  So, what if we could optimize our communication in the business world as well…? Mass or “bulk” texting/ messaging has been proven to be an amazing form of marketing.  Think about it, reading a text message is SO much faster than taking the time to read what could be a lengthy email we may never revisit. Shouldn’t it make sense that businesses begin to capitalize on this marketing tool as well?  Using such a direct, mainstream form of communication is by no means a huge financial investment– though, it does require planning and optimizing of a system that will get you to the most results from your mass/ bulk messaging campaigns.  


Though there are some guidelines to follow when sending out mass marketing messages that not only keep with you within the law (yes, there are legal restrictions), but will also help you to better reach your targeted audience.  Pay attention to these key “Do’s” and “Don’ts” to ensure that you can do both and make the most of your investment!


4 Ways to Ensure Responses from BULK Messaging  

    1. Clear Call to Action (CTA):  When sending a discount or link in the message you are encouraging your customer to take action.  For example, you can measure responses and track traffic regarding the promotion using various codes for discounts or free shipping to see what works best for your messaging campaign.
    2. Short/ Memorable Codes:  We’ve all heard the phrase “short, sweet, and simple,” and that’s the same strategy to use here.  Using a code that has small numbers, and short phrases are proven to both encourage and speed up response time.  It also helps to use a code that pertains to the brand or promotion, making it easier to remember the code.
    3. Know Your Audience:  Take the time to evaluate the demographics of your targeted audience.  Not only will this help you to personalize even your bulk messages and make for appropriate advertising, but it will also maximise your responses.  Certain features make it possible to insert names and appointment times to particular clients to essentially GUARANTEE a response.  Though, be aware that there are certain stipulations when it comes to promoting to a younger crowd– regulating what you are able and unable to advertise.
    4. Attachments ARE Your Friend: By sending a PDF link you are further informing your customer and almost guaranteeing traffic to your site and solidify a response.  When having a brochure or menu that is easy to scroll through you further encourage your client to take action!



3 Easy “DON’TS” to SMS Messaging


  • Corner Your Client:  Find a balance between sending bulk messages so your client knows you haven’t forgotten about them and making them feel bombarded with messages.  Sending them messages too frequently will only overwhelm your client and it will surely weaken the impact and may eventually result in replying “STOP” meaning they unsubscribe from your marketing list altogether.  Instead, schedule messages that go out regularly on a marketing calendar to ensure consistency.
  • Leave Out Company Name: To be sure that your marketing message is as clear as possible DO NOT leave out the company name!  You may have a great promotion going on, but what good will that do you if your customer has no idea who you are?  State the company name clearly in the message itself, or one better, in the sender line! (Plus, this is also a basic requirement from the ICO)
  • Not A “ONE-WAY” Platform:  This is not a one-way street, so be sure to actively encourage your clients to get in touch with you!  If you have a physical store be sure to get them on their feet and to you!– If they come to you once, chances are they’ll come back!  This is a great way to build engagement with your targeted audience, so make the most of the limited amount of characters in every message!



The Nitty Gritty– Knowing the Mass Mobile Marketing Rules


Though bulk messaging is a great way to keep your clients well informed and up to date on what your company has to offer it is PRESSING that you understand that, like everything else, there are basic, fundamental rules that need to be understood and followed.  These rules/ LAWS are brought to you by Data Protection laws, and The Privacy and Electronic Communications. These regulations are nothing to afraid of though they nothing to be ignored either.



  • Arrange for there to be an “opt-out” message in every out going message.  This can be something as simple as putting, “txt “STOP” to end all messages” at the end of every text.  The law states that the option to discontinue interaction between you and the client must be an option at the end of all mass marketing messages– and as such, the comply MUST comply and update their lists.
  • Frequently edit and arrange mass marketing lists that are accurate to the demographic you wish to reach.  Not only will this help to ensure that you receive that maximum amount of responses, but it also ensure that you are within the laws of the ICO.
  • Continue to update yourself of the rules and regulations within the ICO.  It’s always better to be overly informed that not informed enough!



  • You are unable to share any information to a 3rd party without first receiving consent, much like anything else.  Not only could this damage your brand (for you and the industry), it is a huge “DON’T” in the eyes of the ICO. Just like you give a customer an option to “opt-out” of receiving messages, you also have to give your customer an option to disclose information.  If your customer DOES give you permission, you must then tell them who you are sharing the information with.


Texting itself is an incredibly useful tool, and it will continue to grow as mass marketing routines and systems evolve, but it is ALWAYS crucial that you operate within the guidelines of the ICO.  Bulk messaging will optimize any business and will maximize traffic to any location of a company. So, make the most of this here-to-stay trend and begin to build a more personal relationship with the people who have come to love YOUR brand!