4 Key Advantages to SMS Messaging– The User

SMS bulk/ mass messaging has been scaling and altogether capitalizing on the biggest, most effective form of communication.  It has helped grow network marketing, and cultivate a bigger client base than ever before. Why..? Because, through having a specialized delivery service you are able to reach clients within a short and often pre-calculated time and not have to worry about growing various marketing methods.  Often times we focus on the benefits the clients will experience, but what about the user..?


Mastering these four skills will help you make the most of using your SMS Messaging essentially giving you every advantage …


  1. Deliver Bulk/ Mass Messages— These services give you the ability to select groups and deliver messages in bulk, and quickly!  By having these services on a Internet database it makes typing up SMS messages faster, otherwise decreasing the amount of time it would otherwise take you to do on a device.
  2. Save SMS Messages—  Though a device can save messages it is not long before it begins to automatically delete them.  However, by using an alternative system, like a laptop, you are able to save the messages and contacts of the group.  This ensures that you no longer waste time hand picking group messages, because the groups and messages are conveniently saved.  
  3. Longer Warranty—  Our mobile devices don’t last forever, especially seeing as though most of us are on our phones more than we like to admit.  This will inevitably lead to our mobile device crashing when we least expect it and likely at the worst possible time. By taking this pressure off your mobile device you ensure that, not only all of your messages will be saved, but that you are able to contact them even if your mobile device malfunctions.
  4. More Detailed Records—  Yes, phones are more than capable of keeping records, BUT they are usually less organized depending on how many people you may need to reach with that one message.  This is where SMS mass messages simplifies literally everything for the user.  You are able to …
  • Hand-pick contacts
  • Send the SAME message out INDIVIDUALLY, but in BULK
  • Record WHEN the message was sent
  • WHO responded
  • EDIT (add and remove) contacts for a list


Essentially, SMS messaging has not only revolutionized network marketing because of the speed it takes you to interact with the consumer.  But, ultimately (and thankfully) it has made it 100 times easier and faster for the user. This is a “win-win” for all parties involved and help any user to capitalize on ANY and ALL aspects of marketing.