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Texting 101– Proper Texting Courtesies of 2018

  Though we all have cell phones, most of us find it odd to receive phone calls when we so often turn to texting to be our favorite and most common form of communication.  So much so that we often don’t realize or even think about what may or may not be appropriate to address […]

3 Reasons SMS Mass Message Marketing Grows Businesses

  It’s no secret that competition in the business world is growing.  But, more specifically, that it’s grown most competitive within the marketing methods.  But, what gives them an edge ..? Looking at the ways in which we communicate and capitalizing on that single aspect!  The number one way in which we all communicate is […]

4 Key Advantages to SMS Messaging– The User

SMS bulk/ mass messaging has been scaling and altogether capitalizing on the biggest, most effective form of communication.  It has helped grow network marketing, and cultivate a bigger client base than ever before. Why..? Because, through having a specialized delivery service you are able to reach clients within a short and often pre-calculated time and […]

No More “No Shows!”– SMS Saving Restaurants BILLIONS of Dollars

We’ve all been there– made a reservation at a restaurant with the honest intent of showing up and somehow never make it.  Though we may think it’s “no biggie” this actually happens quite often in the restaurant industry. In fact studies show that an average of 20% of all dinner parties never quite make it […]

Making the Most of SMS Messaging in Business– The Do’s and Don’ts

    Texting has forever revolutionized the way we communicate. So much so that 97% of the time we tend to open text messages within 15 minutes of receiving them.  So, what if we could optimize our communication in the business world as well…? Mass or “bulk” texting/ messaging has been proven to be an […]



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